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AK-47 Mags

Buy Original Soviet AKM Ak-47 MagazineIt is merely impossible to argue that the Soviet Union had one of the most advanced military industries in the world. The brilliant minds of Soviet military engineers worked really hard to supply the Soviet Red Army with the most sophisticated kinds of weapons. It is quite well-deserved that, as the result of such hard work, quite a number of weapons developed and introduced by Soviet military scientists, have become world-renown. Undoubtedly, the most popular of these weapons is the famous AK (the Kalashnikov assault rifle) available in a great variety of modifications, the earliest of which is the AK-47 introduced soon after the World War II.

Each and every single detail of the AK-47 was subject to thorough thinking-through and may be viewed as a separate significant achievement of the Soviet military engineering science. The genius of the brilliant minds can be traced even in most minute details of the AK-47, to say nothing about the really important ones.

Buy bakelite AK-47 mags in our online storeMagazines (mags) are one of the most important parts of the AK-47. Basically, mags for AK-47 are the spare parts that have the shape of a pronounced curve and is used for keeping the ammunition and feeding them to the chamber of the AK-47. The shape of the AK-47 mags allow them to feed the bullets smoothly and avoid possible malfunctions. Originally, AK-47 mags were made of solid heavy steel. This factor made AK-47 mags extremely resistant to any possible damage and earned them good reputation comparing with other automatic rifles. The only drawback was the heaviness of AK-47: they weighed 0.38 kg or 0.84 lb when empty. For this reason, later on AK-47 mags would later be produced of steel-reinforced plastic which is a lighter kind of material. This allowed to reduce the weight of AK-47 mags to 0.25 kg or 0.55 lb. The cartridges of the AK-47 mags have the size of 7.62x39 mm. 2012-2014 ©