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Welcome to the AK-MAGS.COM Online Store!

Dear customers! online store heartily welcomes you at its website where you can easily order yourself magazines for AK in just a few clicks. We, the staff of online store have worked hard to bring you AK mags for sale directly from stocks in the former Soviet Union.

Some time ago, we have come to a conclusion that there is a considerable demand of AK mags on the market. There appeared to be a large number of collectors interested in AK mags. So, we have set it as our goal to bring these people the opportunity to easily order magazines for all the most popular modifications of AK. In order to achieve this goal, we have founded this online store with a convenient catalogue selling magazines for AK rifles which come directly from stocks in the former USSR.

As we have already mentioned, we get the AK mags we offer for sale here, at our online store directly from stock. It is necessary to focus your, dear customers, attention on the fact that the AK mags we bring to you, are supplied from military storages in Russian Federation, Ukraine, and other former Soviet republics. This ultimately means that by ordering AK mags from our online store, you may be sure that they are original and come directly from stock, which, in turn, makes them as good as new!

Along with this, we have come to realize that just plainly bringing our dear customers original AK mags directly from stocks in the former Soviet republics, would not be enough to render our customers happy. So, we have embedded into our online store even more advantages! The main of these advantages are as follows:

1) In case the customer is not yet sure what kind of AK mags he wants, we have a convenient catalogue. We have done our best to make our catalogue as convenient as possible, for the customer to comfortably browse its web pages just looking around before picking the AK mags he wants.

2) Should it be that the customer has already made up his mind upon which AK mags he exactly wants, we have embedded Internal Search and Advanced Internal Search into our online store’s website. Here’s how it works: the you simply input the kind of AK mags you have made up your mind upon, into the search field, and we show you the corresponding web page of our online store’s catalogue where you can order the AK mags you want.

3) The AK mags our customers order from our store are paid for via the fast and convenient WESTERN UNION system or money transfer to our bank. Quite obviously, the sooner the payment is transferred, the sooner the AK mags you have ordered are shipped to you. Normally, the shipping takes no longer then seven to fourteen business days. 2012-2014 ©